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 Manufacturing operations management software

Production Planning & Scheduling

TrakSYS™ leverages connectivity to ERP and the production systems to bridge the gap between planning and execution. TrakSYS™ provides detailed information concerning workflow patterns, process capabilities, and production constraints – both in real-time and historically – to empower fact-based advanced planning and scheduling (APS). TrakSYS™ takes the guesswork out of APS.

Performance Management

One of the primary goals of TrakSYS™ is to deliver real-time, accurate, and actionable intelligence to the decision makers – for significant productivity improvement – while leveraging existing assets, resources and infrastructure. TrakSYS™ will help you to quickly and measurably improve the performance of your manufacturing operations quickly, economically, and sustainably.

Workflow Management

TrakSYS™ provides the means to define the required workflow scenarios to effectively manage and execute the manufacturing operations. TrakSYS™ makes it possible to manage the rules, procedures, tasks, and notifications to seamlessly integrate the various aspects of workflow for optimal execution. This integrated approach makes it possible to have a detailed electronic audit trail and extensive reporting for a paperless factory.

Labor Management

As part of the execution of manufacturing operations, TrakSYS™ addresses personnel assignments, classifications, credentials, schedule, and time allocations. Furthermore, TrakSYS™ provides the visibility to assess the impact of personnel on jobs by function/role, asset, product, and schedule to help optimize allocation of human resources and their contributions.

Job & WIP Management

TrakSYS™ has a robust infrastructure for planning, managing, sorting, and executing jobs. Jobs are created directly or downloaded from ERP. TrakSYS™ further breaks down each job into function-specific entities (e.g., staging, weighing and dispensing, assembly, batch, packaging, etc.) for real-time management of work in process (WIP) throughout the value stream. Current and historical job information is available in the form of thorough electronic production records (EPRs).

Inventory Management

TrakSYS™, through advanced analytics and benchmarking, readily determines ideal inventory levels based on process capabilities, quality, consumption patterns, yield, suppliers, production constraints, and asset performance. TrakSYS™ helps to improve supply chain management by providing visibility to the suppliers for material and parts usage to significantly improve the just-in-time (JIT) supply model.

Weighing & Dispensing

TrakSYS™ provides a complete solution for managing Weighing and Dispensing operations with regulatory compliance. Leveraging standard functionalities for material and item management, and native capabilities for integrating with existing business systems and process automation; TrakSYS™ is an effective solution for both manual and automatic weighing operations.

Recipe & Batch Management

TrakSYS™ offers versatile recipe and batch management capabilities designed for executing batching operations. The integrated functionality built into TrakSYS™ makes it possible to enforce SOPs and tasks, recipes, versions, assets, materials, and labor. A complete electronic audit trail of transactions can be available to meet the most stringent EBR requirements.

Maintenance Management

By creating an overview of equipment faults/breakdowns, their frequencies, and root causes; TrakSYS™ creates a fresh perspective to better manage maintenance activities, maintenance intervals, resources, spare parts, and cost. The operations-related approach to managing maintenance activities delivers improved KPIs.

Sustainability & Energy Management

TrakSYS™ is an essential tool used in the quest to significantly lower the consumption of energy and utilities needed for manufacturing operations. TrakSYS™ does this by measuring usage in real-time and contextualizing the data with operating conditions, asset performance, and specific targets for optimal productivity. The result is a clear understanding – both in real-time and historically – of consumption patterns, causes of excess usage, the impact of planning, deployed assets, materials, maintenance, and even personnel training.


In many manufacturing operations, it is necessary to record time series data for historical reference and regulatory compliance. TrakSYS™ allows data-source tags to be logged, sorted and reported. Tags may be configured for recording on a fixed periodic basis, when the tag value changes, and/or a combination of the two. There are options for data collection rules, filtering, compression, archiving and auto-purging tag history data based on user-based configuration.

Material Management

TrakSYS™ provides an impressive set of standard features to effectively manage material-related activities throughout the value stream. From quality, regulatory, brand protection, and economic perspectives, it is critical to have detailed electronic record of jobs, material transactions, lot numbers, movements and locations, and points of consumption. This information will streamline material tracking and reporting requirements.

Manufacturing Intelligence

TrakSYS™ makes it possible to collect pertinent data from disparate sources – using standard protocols – without having to modify the systems that generate the data. This is critical as TrakSYS™ becomes both the manager of the data, and the source of user-configurable business rules and analytics that are paramount in delivering real-time manufacturing intelligence needed for effective decision making. Unlike most traditional BI solutions, here the goal is not mere postmortem analysis, but proactive and preemptive decision making at its best.

Quality & SPC

Quality is a critical aspect of productivity and business viability. With TrakSYS™, you can manage all essential elements of quality such as SOPs, tasks, accountability, traceability, audit trail, and analysis. With the operationally focused SPC, you can address the process variability and improve capability.

Enterprise Visibility

Many manufacturing enterprises often have sites in various regions of the globe. Regardless of distance and location, it is increasingly important to have a clear view of performance criteria across the enterprise. TrakSYS™ allows data from individual sites to be pulled to a central information repository. The enterprise portal exposes various dashboards and report types for benchmarking business intelligence (BI) across the enterprise.

Messaging & Notification

Accurate, real-time information, and actionable information dramatically decreases manufacturing costs. TrakSYS™ makes it simple to alert you when there is information that you need. This is done based on definable roles and responsibilities and subscription to the types of information of interest by different stakeholders in various positions. Notifications may be delivered to you on your mobile devices, laptop, or PC.