Allied Solutions

 Remote Access Servers (RAS)

833 Remote Access Servers
  • 833 Remote Access Server is a complete multi-protocol Remote Access Solution for Departmental or Workgroup Dial-in
  • 2, 4, or 8 high speed dial-in port models to meet all your networking needs
  • Full function dial-out modem pooling enables LAN-based users to send faxes* or dialout to the Internet or other on-line services
833AS Remote Access Servers
  • 833AS Remote Access Server dual T1 or E1, 24 digital V.92 modems, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, IP protocol, chassis with dual hot swappable power supplies
  • provides scalable dial-in, dial-out modem pooling and LAN-to-LAN connectivity for up to 96 (T1/PRI) or 120 (E1/PRI)
  • Integrated 56 Kbps-V.92, V.34 modem and ISDN technology for exacting needs of today’s enterprise user.